Dan Luke is Famous

Educator and artist in Chicago

Choice Words

By: Daniel Kevin Luke

Choice Words is a summation of studies conducted in America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and South Africa by researchers and myself. The link between was how words, between all parties in the educational system, matter in various an unexpected ways. As a professional, it is the educator’s duty to implement good words and excellent choices. I found that the mechanical aspect of teaching, scored by arbitrary numbers and standards, only was half of the battle. The other half was the manner in which all parties involved in the educational system spoke.

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Good afternoon,

My name is Daniel Kevin Luke. I am a graduate student and assistant enrolled in the school of education at this University. I was asked to speak about my experience here. The piece I have written for this occasion is entitled 100%.

I was born rich. I was born into the top 10% of this country. I was born smart. If you were to ask me how smart I would have to explain that I took a fancy IQ test when I was in the second grade and scored in the 90th percentile. The point is, in terms of my intelligence, I was also born into the top 10% of this country.

Being part of the 10% meant that I had the money to go to a great school. It was there that I was able to build a specific type of intellect that academia found valuable. I could attend any college I wanted. I was smart enough for most and rich enough for the rest.

My advantage as a child was purely a financial one. I had the best teachers. I had the best curriculum in the nation. I was not smarter than anybody else. There are smarter people than me; trust me, in standard ways, unconventional ways, or both.

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